Halloween Zombie Diorama DIY

Looking for a little zombie inspiration now that Halloween is fast approaching?  Need something fun for your desk that will have the folks at work wondering about you? Don’t be scared to try this quick and easy diorama…

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Upcycled thrifted t shirt

Updating Thrifted Shirts

Adding a decorative patch to a thrift shop shirt can easily transform it into a unique and stylish piece of clothing. Here are some ideas how to create your own DIY chic.

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DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Fringe embellished sheets

So I spied some beautiful fringe embellished sheets and fell in love. Alas, the price tag was more than a woman of limited means wanted to spend. But we are resourceful aren’t we? Yes we are. So we are making our own embellished sheets of course!!!

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