Hello! I am Jane and I am obsessed with crafting, thrifting, decorating on a dime, gardening, repurposing castoffs and general DIY-ing. I live in a Philadelphia suburb with my husband and our Chocolate Lab in a very old house that we are slowly renovating.

This blog focuses on vintage inspired, budget-friendly, creative and fun projects that will add a bit of amusement to everyday life ’cause, let’s face it, sometimes life isn’t so easy. My projects aim to be simple while also being eco- and budget-friendly with a sense of humor or a sarcastic twist.

I love using thrifted objects in my crafts and try to buy materials and supplies second-hand wherever possible. 

A Crafty Manifesto:

  1. Always use pre-owned, thrifted or recycled materials whenever possible.
  2. Make it yourself and reduce the amount of mass produced items you buy.
  3. Appreciate the uniqueness of your creation.
  4. Use vintage items and use them in a new way.
  5. Use non-toxic materials wherever possible.
  6. Show that spending less can be rewarding and not just feel like depriving yourself.
  7. Make things that are inexpensive or easily affordable and create things that replace expensive mass produced items.
  8. Share the benefits of crafting and making things yourself. Crafting can be relaxing and you can experience mindfulness, flow and a sense of accomplishment while you are creating.
  9. Keep a sense of humor – it’s not rocket science.


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