Collecting Vintage Cosmetics

Vintage cosmetics

I wanted to talk about collecting vintage cosmetics and pictured above is my collection. But first a little story about the first business lady I remember meeting…

When I was a kid (like 4 or 5 years old) in the 1960s, we would often be visited by the Avon Lady. Since we were home with mom most days any visitor got lots of attention. Our Avon lady was a beautiful tall woman of a certain age with golden white blond hair teased into a flip hair style and stiff with hair spray. She was always dressed to the nines in a smart 60s suit for tailored dress with a matching coat, very high heels and stockings. She would float into our living room, all fragrance and red lip stick, and proceed to show mom the latest cosmetics and perfume from Avon. When my sister and I would be too clingy or whiny she would gently inform us that this was a time for mom and we should let her have some peace. She wouldn’t stay long and always left mom with some tiny sample lipsticks or fragrance samples. The personal visit and chat was surely a welcome break in a day filled with the hard work of caring for us kids.

Vintage cosmetics

Most of my collection is from the 1960’s but some are from the 1950s and even the 1940s. There are a couple of pieces from the 80s and I would like to collect more from the 70s. Obviously cosmetics being marketed to women have fantastic great quality packaging.

vintage cosmetics

The little white lipsticks are samples like the ones that the Avon lady would leave for you to try out the colors. They are soooo cute!

vintage cosmetics

Many of these are empty with the makeup long gone but there are some with the product still intact. I would not recommend using them but they can be used as inspiration for your new cosmetic purchases.

vintage compact

Tiny powder puffs and heavy brass compacts are irresistible.

vintage cosmetics

Colors of rouge and lipsticks were very strong. The patterned brass lipstick tubes are gorgeous.

vintage lipsticks

Keep your eye out at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales for vintage cosmetics. When you see something with exceptional quality or package that you have not seen before take a closer look. Once you start to look you will start to find them.

vintage cosmetics

Tell me if you collect or are thinking of collecting vintage cosmetics and what you love about them.

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