Creepy vintage Candle

A Halloween Candle DIY using thrifted items

Creepy vintage candle

Create these one of a kind drippy Halloween candles and holders using thrifted supplies. You won’t find this in any store!

Creepy vintage candle

I love the contrast between the sweet floral grandmillennial theme of the ceramic candle sticks and the large bugs waiting for their prey at the bottom.. Some drippy black wax further adds a creepy twist to the pastel candles.

Check out the quick video below:

Ready to make your own? Let get started!

Creepy vintage candle


Thrifted ceramic candle holders – the sweeter the better
Thrifted pastel taper candles
Plastic bugs
Black paint
Hot glue
Wax paper to protect your hands from drips
Black candle for drips

Creepy vintage candle

Cut off a large piece of wax paper. Light your black candle and let is burn for a minute so that some of the wax begins to melt.

Using the wax paper to hold your candle and cover your hand – hold the black candle above the taper and carefully let the wax drip onto it. Keep going until you have enough drips and you are happy with it. glue your taper into your ceramic candle holder.

Creepy vintage candle

Paint your bug black if it isn’t already. Position the bug on the ceramic candle holder so it looks like it is waiting for it’s prey. Use hot glue to secure it in place.

Creepy vintage candle

This project looks especially good in groups. Happy Haunting!

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