DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Make Your Own Creepy “Kandy Korn” Bag from the movie “Psycho” with this custom stamp tutorial

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Psycho” is an iconic film, known for its eerie ambiance and suspenseful scenes. One distinctive prop from the movie is the “Kandy Korn” bag held by the character Norman Bates. In this DIY tutorial, I show you how to recreate this spooky bag using simple materials and a custom stamp. With your handmade bag, you can fill it with candy corn and give it out to trick-or-treaters for a creepy Halloween surprise. So let’s get started making DIY Halloween treat bags.

I created the template for the Kandy Korn bag just from images like this that I found on-line.

Candy Corn Treat Bag Supplies

Materials Needed:

  • Craft foam
  • 7 pieces of 5″ x 5″ Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Small paper bags
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Candy corn

Download the Template HERE

Start by downloading the template and printing it out. The size of the printed design can be adjusted to fit larger or smaller bags by printing the design larger or smaller on your printer. Refer to your printer controls for the scale of the print.

Create the block for the stamp.

The first thing we’re going to do is to create a block for our stamp. You can use any block of wood that fits your design that you have handy. Or you can just create your own like I do by using the hot glue to adhere the pieces of cardboard together to form a block.

Transfer the design to the craft foam.

After printing out the template cut around the reverse image so you have a smaller piece of paper to work with. Add removable tape to the back side of the paper and stick it onto the foam.

We are using the reverse image so that our foam cuts are as sharp as possible.

Cut out the stamp design.

Please be careful cutting!

Carefully cut out the design from the craft foam using a hobby knife or detail scissors.

Attach the Craft Foam Stamp to Cardboard

Add a layer of pencil scribble to the back side of the template and trace the outline onto your block. We are using the reverse image because our stamp will be a mirror image.

Go over your pencil lines with a marker so you can correctly place and glue your foam pieces.

Glue the craft foam stamp onto a piece of cardboard for stability and support. Let the glue dry completely.

NOTE: Remove the black paper that is still on the foam from the removable glue before using the stamp.

Stamp the Paper Bags

Lay out the small paper bags on a flat surface. Sometimes it helps to have a few layers of paper under the printed surface to provide a bit of cushion for the ink. Apply ink to the stamp and test it.

Apply ink to the stamp and test it. Add more ink and stamp your bags – pressing down with enough force to get a clean image. Do some practice stamps to get the hang of how much pressure you need.

Fill the Bags with Candy

Once the ink is completely dry, fill each stamped bag with candy corn or your preferred Halloween treats. Fold the tops of the bags and secure them with a piece of tape or a staple to keep the treats inside.

Hand out your eerie “Kandy Korn” bags to trick-or-treaters and watch as they enjoy the spooky surprise inspired by the classic movie “Psycho.”

Creating this DIY “Kandy Korn” bag is a fun way to add a touch of classic horror to your Halloween festivities. Whether you’re a fan of “Psycho” or just love the eerie atmosphere it brings, this project will make your trick-or-treaters’ Halloween experience even more memorable. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!

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