DIY Paper Christmas Ornament Garland

Easy paper Christmas Garland
DIY Christmas Garland

Growing up my sisters and I always decorated our Christmas tree on Christmas eve. I think it was a way to keep us busy and to give my parents a little break from what I am sure was a lot of parental holiday stress. I say this because I do not remember them supervising or even if they were home while we decorated. But I do remember the beautiful Christmas ornaments in all their 1960’s glory. My mother has since gotten rid of those beautiful ornaments which is probably why I diligently buy similar ones whenever I see them in the thrift store! All of those vintage Christmas tree decorating memories inspired me to create this vintage Christmas ornament garland. I hope you try this easy DIY paper Christmas ornament garland for your holiday decorating.

Materials to make paper garland
DIY Christmas Garland


vintage Christmas ornament template
– construction paper in different colors
– white cardstock paper
– foil origami papers
– scissors
– exacto knife
– glue
– small hole punch or needle
– string
– pen or pencil for tracing

Paper Garland template
DIY Christmas Garland

Print out two copies of the template onto cardstock. This will make the ornaments easier to trace onto the color paper. Cut out the shapes from one template.

DIY Christmas Garland

Trace your template shapes onto the color construction paper and cut out your base Christmas ornament shapes. I cut out lots of extras so I could experiment with the decorations.

DIY Christmas Garland

Once you have your main shapes cut out for the base of the Christmas ornament shape cut out the pieces that will make up the decoration on the balls. Trace these shapes onto the color or foil paper however you want.

DIY Christmas Garland

As you cut out your color and foil pieces to layer onto the base shapes experiment with the design until you get something you like.

DIY Christmas Garland

Next start to glue down your pieces onto the base pieces. It is so fun to see these ornaments take shape!

DIY Christmas Garland

Keep going until you have all the ornaments you want and let them dry.

DIY Christmas Garland

Once the ornaments are dry glue them onto the white cardstock to give them a little more weight. Let these dry.

DIY Christmas Garland

After they are dry cut the ornaments out leaving a small outline around the base shape as shown above.

Finally, you are ready to string the ornaments on the garland string. Use a small hole punch or needle to make the hole in the top of the ornament. I tied a knot at the top of each ornament so that they did not slide around on the string when it hangs.

DIY Christmas Garland

You can create a package for your ornament garland with a clear treat bag and some colorful scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to size so that it folds over the top of the bag and staple in place. This makes a cute gift and could easily be mailed with a card.

This would be a fun activity to do with the family and it is inexpensive too!

If you like this DIY paper Christmas ornament garland craft you might also like these cardboard Christmas trees or jingle bell garland.

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