Faux spring branches

DIY Faux spring branches

Don’t you love when all the flowering trees start to bloom in Spring? Bringing some spring flowering branches into your home is such a good reminder of nice weather to come even though the temperatures may still be dipping to freezing now and again. Making these faux spring branches is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten your space. You just need a few materials and you are on your way.

DIY Faux spring branches
DIY Faux spring branches


Decoupage Glue
Paint brush
Hot glue gun
Scissors/wire cutters

DIY Faux spring branches

First thing to do is to brush on decoupage glue on your branches. You can skip this step but I find that it gives the branches a bit of sheen and also some flexibility so they will not break as easily.

DIY Faux spring branches

Next up is to make your flowers. Start with a 12″ long piece of streamer. Cut as many as you think you will need for a branch. For demonstration purposes I am using a pink streamer for the tutorial.

DIY Faux spring branches

At one end of your streamer start to fold in a small fan shape to start the inside of the flower.

DIY Faux spring branches

Keep folding and scrunching the streamer while also starting to wrap the streamer in a rosette shape.

DIY Faux spring branches

Once you have your streamer all folded and wound in a rosette hold it on one end so you can twist the bottom.

DIY Faux spring branches

While holding the end twist the other end as tight as you can.

DIY Faux spring branches

I wanted my buds to be smaller so I cut off a piece of the twisted end. This is a repetitive motion that got easier with the use of wire cutters instead of scissors after a while.

DIY Faux spring branches

With your hot glue gun put a small dab of hot glue on the twisted end of the flower bud to keep it from unfolding.

DIY Faux spring branches

Add more hot glue to the branch and hold your bud in place to secure it to the branch. At this point I do want to make a note that you should take a look at the branch and find all of the natural nodes that would most likely have a flower bud. Keep checking your placement of flowers as you go and do not over do it as it may distract from the natural look of the branches.

DIY Faux spring branches

Once the flower bud has cooled on your branch gently fluff out the streamer paper to create the blooming bud.

DIY Faux spring branches

Here are my final flowering branches with the purple streamers. They look great in any color!

DIY Faux spring branches

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about watering these branches!!! If this project is too sweet for you try this creepy terrarium DIY.

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