Fringe embellished sheets

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

One day, I think it was a Tuesday, I was taking a break from the office during my lunch break. So I walked over to Rittenhouse Square in center city Philadelphia and went into my favorite store to browse around. You know the one… historic beaux arts building, expensive clothing, gorgeous jewelry and a home décor department to swoon over~! I won’t mention any names but if you don’t know you can just imagine a creative, sustainable and boho paradise.

So I spied some beautiful fringe embellished sheets and fell in love. Alas, the price tag was more than a woman of limited means wanted to spend. But we are resourceful aren’t we? Yes we are. So we are making our own embellished sheets of course!!!

As usual we are using items we have on hand and making due so we can create our own unique version of these stylish sheets. You can create a bohemian look or just add a touch of texture, fringe or color to your bedding. I was aiming to do this this project on the cheap so I used a set of white sheets I already had, some tassels I removed and kept from some old curtains and some fabric dye so I could transform the tassels to the color I wanted.

Here is a quick video of this DIY!

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets


  • A set of sheets (second hand preferred)
  • Fringe trim (Mine has tassels)
  • Fabric dye
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread to match fringe
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

First choose your sheets and fringe trim. Select a set of sheets that you want to add fringe to. This could be a plain set or patterned. If you are hand dying your trim like I did decide on what color you want. Keep in mind the base color of your trim because that will affect your final color. NOTE: make sure you have enough trim to cover your pillow cases and along the top of your top sheet. (or even better enough to do a double row!)

Follow the package instructions for using the fabric dye.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets
DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets
DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets
DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets
DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Once your fringe trim is dyed then washed and dried it is time to add it to your sheets.

Measure the length of the sheets and cut the fringe to the same length. Leave enough length for the trim to wrap around at least an inch on either end.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Pin the fringe to the bottom edge of the sheets, making sure to keep the fringe even and straight. Pin the fringe all the way across the width of the sheet.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Sew the fringe to the sheets using a sewing machine. Use a straight stitch to sew the fringe in place, making sure to catch both the fringe and the sheet in the stitch.

Trim any excess fringe from the ends of the sheets using fabric scissors. Be careful not to cut the thread that holds the fringe in place.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Repeat the above steps on any other sheets in the set that you want to add fringe to.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Your sheets are ready to use as they are right now.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets


If you have enough trim left over to add another row I think this is a great way to make these look even more rich and lush.

DIY Tassel Fringe Sheets

Enjoy the new stylish touch you’ve added to your bedding!

Adding fringe to a set of sheets is an easy and affordable way to update your bedding. With just a few materials and some basic sewing skills, you can create a custom look that’s all your own.

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