Halloween Bottle Brush Tree Wreath

Halloween Wreath

Make a cute Halloween bottle brush tree wreath with items you can find at the thrift shop and some fabric dye. I love repurposing old wreaths to give them new life and this one is so spooky good! Once you go through the process of bleaching and dying your bottle brush trees you will be hooked and want to create your own for all the holidays. No more buying expensive trees from the big box store.

Halloween Wreath


Twig wreath
Bottle brush trees
Buckets for bleaching and dying in
Black Spray paint
Fabric dye
Hot water
Rubber gloves
Hot glue gun

Halloween Wreath

First you will prepare your wreath for spray paint. Remove any silk flowers or other adornments. You can reuse your silk flowers in this bike basket decoration.

Halloween Wreath

I always use spray paint outside. Be sure to protect your surfaces and if it is windy you put your wreath in a large box and spray it in there.

Halloween Wreath

Once your wreath is painted on both sides let it fully dry according to the directions on your spray paint can.

Halloween Wreath

Next prepare a bleach bath for your bottle brush trees. Use hot water enough to cover your trees. I used about one cup of bleach.

Halloween Wreath

Let the trees sit in the bleach until the color is removed from the trees. For me it took about a half an hour. Once they are bleached take them out and rinse well.

Halloween Wreath
Now it is time to dye your trees. I used black fabric dye in a hot water according to the package directions. I added two of my larger trees and let them sit for at least an hour. Once you have the color you want take them out and rinse well. Some color will come off the trees so let them get darker than you want.
Halloween Wreath

Once the black trees were finished I repeated the process with the orange dye and added the rest of my trees. The sat in the dye for at least a half an hour. Take them out and rinse thoroughly.

Halloween Wreath

Let the trees dry on a protected surface.

Halloween Wreath

Now that everything is dry you can put together your wreath. Remove the plastic bases if your trees have them.

Halloween Wreath

Arrange the trees how you want and use your hot glue to secure them in place. Flip the wreath over and add some glue to the base of the trees on the back too.

This wreath was definitely not a quick one but I think it is so worth the time!

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