Holiday Necklaces

Holiday Necklace

It’s just not the holidays without some flashy fun theme jewelry, is it? If you are looking for something a little dressier than the usual light up string light necklace, try these elegant holiday word necklaces made from package decorations.  These were made by my clever sister and they are really simple!

Holiday Necklace

Want to make some?
See below for the instructions.

Holiday Necklace


Acrylic or wood package or cake toppers (ours are by Meri Meri but you can find similar ones HERE)
Gold or silver chain
Clasps and jump rings
Jewelry making pliers
Rotary tool

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Holiday Necklace

First, working on a durable surface like a work bench (we used a cutting board) use your rotary tool and a small drill bit to slowly drill a small hole where you need it to hang the chain of your word charm.

Holiday Necklace

Measure out your chain and cut to the desired length and open two jump rings.

Holiday Necklace

Attach your jump rings and chain to each side of the word.

Holiday Necklace

Attach your clasp and jump rings to the other end of the chains to complete your necklace.

Holiday Necklace

Enjoy your festive necklace!

Holiday Necklace

Make a bunch for gifts or to keep for yourself. Happy Holidays!

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