How to make a wax seal stamp

Make a wax seal stamp

There is something romantic about getting a letter with a wax seal.  In the olden days before pre-gummed envelopes, you knew your letter and the private correspondence inside was secure if the seal on the envelope was still intact. I guess it is the modern equivalent of being hacked if the seal on your letter was breached.  Anywho, sealing your letters with a wax seal is FUN.  You get to play with fire, melt a candle and send something fancy to someone you like – what’s not to love?  Of course, you can buy a fancy wax seal stamp but where is the adventure in that?  Make your own wax seal stamp with items you have around the house. 

Supplies for making a wax seal stamp


Exacto knife
Decorative Buttons (Shank style* – metal is better)
Glue Gun
Envelopes to seal
Card making supplies
Sealing Wax

*Shank style buttons do not have holes in them but rather a shank on the back.

Wax seal stamp DIY

Gather your buttons and corks.  Make sure they are clean and dry. Cut a small hole in the cork to recess the shank of the button into. You can cut the shank off if you want but I decided to just keep them on and cut the cork to fit.

DIY for making a wax seal stamp

I mentioned in the supply list that the metal buttons work best for this. This plastic button did work but it was a little bit sticky. Another plastic button I tried did not work at all and I ended up tossing it. So learn from my mistakes – use metal buttons.

Wax seal stamp DIY

the next step is to use your hot glue gun to attached your buttons to your corks. Don’t use too much glue as it will ooze out and affect how uyour seal looks. You can make as many seals as you have letters to send.

How to make a wax seal stamp

Once you have your seals made you should stuff your envelopes with your gorgeous ingenious and original letters, valentines or handmade cards. Light the sealing wax and let it drip in a pool on the back of your envelope and the bottom of the “V”.

wax seal stamp

Once you have a big enough pool of wax carefully blow out the candle away from your envelope so it doesn’t drip on it further. Gently press your seal into the wax and let it sit to cool.

How to make a wax seal stamp

Once your envelopes are addressed and sealed you are ready to stash them in your corset and make haste to the nearest postal office. Oh, I mean address them, add a stamp and put them in the mailbox.

Looking for more valentines day fun? Try these wooden conversation heart magnets.

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