Indoor Water Garden

Recycle Glass Containers to Create an Indoor Water Garden on your Windowsill

Do you, like me, love plants but lack the green thumb to keep them in good health? Does walking into the garden center fill you with envy? Or maybe you are pretty good with plants but want to expand your collection? Whichever type of plant parent you are success is almost guaranteed with this technique of rooting plant cuttings in water to create your own indoor water garden. And to make things even kinder to our good green earth we are using recycled glass containers to grow them.

The Inspiration

Visiting my grandmother during the winter was like going to a mini tropical forest with trailing vines and every horizontal surface of her kitchen window shelves jammed with potted plants and beautiful cuttings being rooted in gorgeous vases. In this green paradise is where I learned how simple it is to root some plants in water.

What you will need for your indoor water garden:

Plants for cuttings*
(*See the description below for the names of some plants to look for)
Recycled glass vases, jars and bottles
A sunny spot to place your cuttings

Collect your glass containers

Collect your bottles, vases and containers. But don’t buy new ones! Raid your recycle bin for any glass containers that would support a stem or two. You can also ask friends and neighbors for their cast offs, check out the recycling in your neighborhood or even put a request on your local Facebook Buy nothing group. Keep any interesting containers from food, condiments, sodas, spices and, my favorite, liquor bottles.

Remove any labels and clean your glass containers.

Collect your cuttings

Where to get cuttings: My number one recommendation for getting cuttings is to ask anyone you know who is a “plant person” if they would be willing to give you cuttings that you can root in water. Most plant people will know exactly which plants are good for water propagation and are more than willing to share their plants with you. Also, again, I would recommend asking on your local community Facebook group if anyone has a plant they could give you a cutting from to grow in water. As a last resort but only because it is winter, I would look outside. There are lots of outdoor plants like herbs and ivies that are good for rooting in water. (Please do not cut other people’s plants without their permission.)

Common Plants to Grow from Cuttings

Here is a partial list of some plants that are easy to grow from cuttings:
Herbs like Rosemary and Mint
English Ivy

The rest is simple. Match up your cuttings with your vessels that are best suited to the size and shape of the cuttings. You want to make sure there are no leaves that will be submerged under water. You can use a piece of tape over the top of the container if your plant stem is falling over to keep it upright.

Change the water weekly and watch for any stems that rot or turn brown and remove those. Watch for roots in the coming weeks. Once the roots and plentiful enough for the plant to grow in soil you can safely transplant your cutting to a pot with soil and start another rooting.

Enjoy your beautiful water garden!

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