Lace Doily Plate DIY

I have wanted to make this lace doily plate for a while and I am so happy that I finally tried it. This was so much easier than I thought it would be and it is easy to get a great result with this craft.

Watch my video of how to make these easy DIY plates on YouTube.

Lace Doily Plate DIY


Metallic lace paper doilies
Clear glass plates
Mod Podge, Dishwasher Safe
Paint Brush
Wax paper
Rag and Cotton swabs
Rubbing Alcohol

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Lace Doily Plate DIY

Use the wax paper to protect your surface from the glue and also to give you a way to pick up the doily once there is glue on it.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

With your doily good side up and starting from the center, brush your mod podge glue in a thin layer to the outer edges.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

Cover the whole surface in an even and thin layer of glue. Add a thin layer of glue to the back of the plate also.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

Gently peel the doily off of the wax paper and place it in the center of the back of your plate face down.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

Using your brush add more glue to the back and brush down the edges so that the doily is completely adhered to the plate. Carefully press any folds out with your brush.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

Let the plate dry completely for a couple of hours. Once it is dry you can go back in an clean off any glue residue with some rubbing alcohol on a rag or cotton swabs.

Lace Doily Plate DIY

Now you are ready to entertain or enjoy these fancy plates to elevate your every day.

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