Make an Easter Egg Tree

(Using items you already have)

Easter Tree

I challenged myself to make some Easter decor by using what I already had and not buying anything new. So I decided to do a bare branch Easter Egg tree. I had eggs and branches and stuff to decorate the eggs so here how you can make one too.

You can watch the video tutorial here or skip down the page for the rest of the post.

Let’s get crafting:

Easter Tree


Eggs (blown out)
Craft paint
Decorative paper
Paint brush
Scissors or Xacto knife

Easter Tree

I started by inserting a piece of wire through the empty egg. The wire will hold the paper and bead embellishments and have a loop for the string to hang from. Do this before you paint your eggs – trust me on this one. The wire is much easier to get through when the egg is white and translucent.

Easter Tree

Once your wire is through the egg create a large loop and twist the wires together – allow at least 3 inches on either side of the egg.

Easter Tree

Now you can paint your eggs. I used a dark blue and green so that the white egg shell would not show through the glitter crust.

Easter Tree

Paint half of the egg and let it dry. You can use a hair dryer on low to speed up the drying process.

Easter Tree

Paint the other half of the eggs and let dry. If your paint is streaky you can give them another coat of paint.

Easter Tree

Cut some free form star shapes out of your decorative paper. These will form a little base for the egg and give them some visual interest. Punch or cut a small hole in the middle of the star.

Easter Tree

Apply a thick layer of glue to half of the painted egg and sprinkle with glitter.

Easter Tree

Let the glue dry and gather the excess glitter and put it back into your glitter container.

Easter Tree

Once the glitter glue is dry we can begin to assemble the egg hanger.

Easter Tree

Trim your wire leaving plenty of room on both sides of your egg – at least two inches.

Easter Tree

On the wide end of the egg thread the wire through a paper star and a small bead. Create a small spiral at the end of the wire to keep the egg on.

Easter Tree

Slide the egg towards the spiral and add three beads to the wire on the other end of the egg. Create a loop for the string to go through. Wrap the wire around a few times and cut off the excess.

Easter Tree

Your finished egg should look something like this.

Easter Egg Tree

To give my twigs a pop of color I painted them with green craft paint.

Easter Egg Tree

Assemble your twigs in a vase. Add some stones it the vase seems top heavy or like it will easily tip over.

Add your eggs to your branches and enjoy your Easter egg tree!

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