Painted Wooden Catch All

Painted wooden bowl

It’s funny how some things stick with you from childhood, like the inspiration for this painted wooden catch all – which was one of those childhood memories. My sister and I had matching Easter outfits which were navy blue dresses with little white daisies on them and matching green topper coats with the dress fabric as the lining. I loved that outfit. I wish I had an outfit like that today. Anywho… this project is a reminder of that little daisy print dress. Do you have a favorite outfit from childhood?

This is a quick crafty makeover for a thrift shop wooden bowl into a cute catch all that would make a great gift.

Painted wooden bowl


A wooden bowl
Craft paint
Paint brushes

Painted wooden bowl

Pour some black paint into the bottom of the bowl.

Painted wooden bowl

Paint the bowl with the black paint in two thin coats with a medium brush.  Let dry.  (Art school trick:  use a hair dryer to dry the paint quicker.

Painted wooden bowl

The next step is with a small bristle brush paint small dots with yellow paint.  Practice on a piece of paper if you need to.  Let dry.

Painted wooden bowl

Continuing with your small bristle brush paint five white petals around each dot.

Painted wooden bowl

Take your time and paint all the petals.  I left some of my flowers with only four or three petals.  Use your best judgement to get the right look for your bowl.  Once again, let dry

Painted wooden bowl

Coat the bowl with a layer of sealer.  I used Mod Podge.  Let dry completely before using.

Painted wooden bowl

That’s it, you are all finished! (This bowl is not food safe so be sure to only use it for non food purposes. :))

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