Birthday Cake Piñata Tutorial

Wow your family and friends with this adorable hand made Birthday Cake Pinata!

Do you love piñatas but not the waste required to enjoy the treats inside?  You can create your own reusable piñata made from materials you have around the house or can purchase inexpensively.  No need to buy a mass manufacturer piñata from the party store.  This tutorial shows you how to make your own in an afternoon.

See the description below for more details! ❤❤❤


Create your own custom birthday cake piñata.

With this tutorial I show you just how to do that.  All instructions are included to transform some cardboard and streamers into this unique and reusable pinata.

With this tutorial you can build at your own pace using materials you may have on hand.  Follow along on the video as I demonstrate the entire process.

This makes a great gift idea for someone’s birthday.  You can even mail it to someone for their special day.

What you get:
16 Page Instruction booklet with color photos in a downloadable and printable pdf
An Instructional video showing the entire process start to finish

The main materials you will need to create your own Birthday Cake Pinata are cardboard, poster board, glue, hot glue, streamers, string, paper straws, scissors, x-acto knife, construction paper and sequins.




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