Creativity – Party of One

Celebrate your creativity by throwing yourself a crafting party!

Do you find yourself not making time for yourself to explore your creative side? Would you love to spend an afternoon just creating for the heck of it?  You can create your own party to celebrate creativity and make yourself some sweet notes to open later that will remind you how awesome you are.

Using supplies you have around the house I show you how to make some simple paper garlands and heart shaped cards.  Then we set the table and have fun decorating the cards and writing some notes to ourselves.

See the description below for more details! ❤❤❤


Throw yourself a creativity Party!

It seems we always make time for other people and that is great. But, sometimes we need to check in and celebrate all the things that make us amazing. And you are amazing! So today I show you how we can celebrate our creativity by throwing ourselves a little party.

The theme is Valentine’s Day but you can switch up this theme however you want. Do whatever lights you up!

This tutorial will show you how to make some easy paper decoration using materials you may have on hand.  Then we will set out some treats and decorate some love notes to ourselves! Follow along on the video as I demonstrate the entire process.

Of course you can include others and have a crafting party but that is optional.

What you get:
13 Page Instruction booklet with color photos in a downloadable and printable pdf
An Instructional video showing the entire process start to finish

The main materials you will need to create your own {arty of One are scrapbook paper, construction paper,  glue, string,  scissors, x-acto knife, embellishments for your cards, envelopes, and some treats for your creativity party.


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