Skipper Dream Room Tutorial E-Course

Feel the creativity flowing when you build your very own vintage style doll room. Enjoy the pride of creating something with your hands instead of buying something mass produced. Share the project with a loved one or give it as a gift for someone to enjoy. Experience the thrill of having a one of a kind item in which to showcase your dolls. And this is completely do able with materials you may already have around the house. In this tutorial I provide you with all the instructions and dimensions you need to build your dream doll room.

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Amaze your family! Impress your friends!

Create your own gorgeous version of the original 1963 Skipper Dream Room.  All instructions are included to build your own. You will have a one-of-a-kind creation that you can be proud of. It can be a fun creative challenge to make and will provide hours and hours of play when it is finished.

With this tutorial you can build at your own pace using materials you may have on hand. You can follow my directions to decorate your room similar to the original or I also give you ideas for how to switch up the décor to suit your own preferences.

What you get:
38 Page Instruction booklet in a downloadable and printable pdf
8 Instructional videos showing the entire process
14 Pages illustrating dimensions and template sketches in a downloadable and printable pdf
20 Pages of Printable template posters for the exterior scenes

The main materials you will need to build your doll room are cardboard, decorative scrapbook paper, color paper, masking tape, glue and paint. The room will even fold up for easy storage.

The final size folded up is 19″wide x 15″ high and 7″ deep.* The room unfolds completely to about X length and includes a closet with operating doors, alcove and vanity table, a window alcove with a platform floor and awning roof. There are templates for wall paneling, bookcases as well as scenes for the exterior walls.

*Your doll room size may vary slightly if your actual cut sizes differ from the instructions given.




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