Create your own Vintage Style Cosmetics packaging Tutorial

Enjoy the special feeling you will get every time you use your fabulously glamourous cosmetics!

Do you enjoy all the fancy packaging you see at the beauty store or love the look of old-time vintage makeup?   You can create your own custom designed packaging for your makeup with just paint, glue, paper and jewelry bits.  You can repurpose your old broken jewelry into something beautiful.

See the description below for more details! ❤❤❤


Bring some Hollywood glamour to your cosmetic table!

Transform your everyday make-up into captivatingly beautiful cosmetics.  With this tutorial I show you just how to do that.

All instructions are included to transform your own packaging. You will create one-of-a-kind glamourous  containers that will elevate your daily routine.  Aside from drying time this project does not take more than an hour or two.  Your packaging will also make a great gift idea for the make-up lover on your gift list.

With this tutorial you can build at your own pace using materials you may have on hand. You can follow my directions to decorate your packaging or check out the variations I show you at the end of the tutorial. Follow along on the video as I demonstrate the entire process.

What you get:
11 Page Instruction booklet with color photos in a downloadable and printable pdf
An Instructional video showing the entire process start to finish

The main materials you will need to create your own unique packaging are metallic spray paint, decorative scrapbook papers, broken jewelry such as pins and earrings.




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