Repurposed sweater pillow

Purposed sweater pillow

If you are keen on recycling and repurposing then sewing is a great skill to have. It allows a person to easily refashion clothing and fabric into useful household items. Like this repurposed sweater pillow. Once you do this kind of project no old or worn out fabric is safe from your creative intentions.

DIY Sweater Pillow


Old sweater
Pillow for insert
Needle with a large eye
Embroidery thread

Purposed sweater pillow

Begin by cutting the seams on your sweater so that you have two pieces of fabric.

Purposed sweater pillow

Lay out your fabric with right sides in and decide where you want the pattern to be on the pillow. Place your pillow between the sweater fabric layers.

Purposed sweater pillow

Pin around three sides of your pillow leaving one edge open so you can remove the pillow.

Purposed sweater pillow

Thread your needle with embroidery thread in a color to match your pillow fabric.

Purposed sweater pillow

Sew along three sides of the pillow edge removing the pins as you go. Trim any excess fabric after stitching.

Purposed sweater pillow

Turn your fabric so the right side is out and insert your pillow.

Purposed sweater pillow

Tuck in the raw edges of the remaining open side and pin it shut. Sew the opening shut with small stitches and remove the pins.

Purposed sweater pillow

Behold your finished pillow. Check out my IGTV for the full video tutorial.

Purposed sweater pillow

Enjoy your pillow in a cosy reading nook.

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