Repurposed thrifted vases

Create an Anthropologie inspired vase using repurposed thrifted vases

If there is one thing that is never in short supply at the thrift shop – it is VASES! So. Many. Vases. You know all those flowers that get delivered for holidays and birthdays? Well the vase aisle is where they go to spend their last days. Many of them are destined for the land fill so let’s save a few of them and create some adorable decor to display in our home using repurposed thrifted vases.

Depending on your own unique style, go on the hunt at your local second hand store for some interesting vases. I had some colors and shapes in mind for my vases so I just collected the vases over a few visits. While you are at the thrift shop also be on the lookout for ceramic flower decor. You might have not noticed these little decor items before but I usually see at least a couple of these at each visit. You are looking for single flowers with a flat surface on the back so that there is a surface to add glue to. This might take a bit of hunting until you find the best blooms for your vases but I promise it will be worth it.

Once you have your vases and your ceramic flowers decide which flowers will look best with each vase.

Upcycled Ceramic vase


Thrifted vases
Thrifted Ceramic Flowers
Strong Glue (White Gorilla Glue)
Latex gloves
Rubber Bands
Tile cutting nipper
Fresh Flowers and water

Upcycled Ceramic vase

Prepare your flowers by washing and drying them off if needed. Next you are doing to trim off any protrusions that will keep your flower from laying flat on the vase. I am using painters tape to hole the vase and keep it from rolling around while I work.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

Get several pieces of tape long enough to hold your flower in place ready.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

Now it is time to glue. I am using White Gorilla Glue that is formulated to work really well on ceramics. This glue requires a bit of water to dampen one surface and also to use sparingly – don’t put too much glue on because it will expand!

Add glue to the back of your flower and position it on the vase.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

If you are using this glue you will add some water to dampen the surface of your vase.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

Place your ceramic flower on the vase and hold in place. Use your tape to keep the flower from sliding around while the glue dries.

While that vase is drying you can continue to glue the rest of the flowers on vases.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

Once the glue is dry you can remove the tape to see your creation.

Upcycled Ceramic vase

It is as simple as that!

Upcycled Ceramic vase

In this photo you can see that some of the glue is oozing out from under the flower. I just use a gloved finger or a disposable wooden stick to remove this. If the glue is hardened you may need to gently remove the extra glue with an xacto knife.

Of course I couldn’t stop at just one vase. They turned out so cute.

Your vases are ready to use. Add some water and fresh flower and you are all set!

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