Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

With printable gift tags

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Infused with natural aromas from the kitchen, these jars of potpourri that you simmer on your stovetop will fill your home with a warm and cozy scent. A jar of stovetop simmer potpourri is a perfect hostess gift or a lovely way to create a special feel in your own home.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri


Glass jars
Screw on lids
Vintage doily
Printable Tags (HERE)
Dried orange slices
Bay leaves
Star Anise
Cinnamon Sticks
Cardamon Pods

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Arrange your orange slices on the outside of the jar by turning the jar on its side as shown.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Add other ingredients like cinnamon sticks on top of orange slices to keep them in place.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Continue to add ingredients until the jar bottom is filled enough that the items do not bounce around much.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Sprinkle in your spices as you wish.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Seal the jar up with the screw on lid.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

If you are giving as a gift add a vintage doily to cover the top of the jar and tie on the label with ribbon.

Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

Now your potpourri is ready to use or give as a gift!

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