Thirfted Purse Makeover

Thrifted purse makeover

Sometimes you just need a fancy pop of color or a special statement piece to dress up an outfit. Doing this thrifted purse makeover will give you a fabulous purse to round add to your outfit for a party or special evening out.


Thrifted purse
Feather boa
Glue gun

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You can watch me make the purse on this video or see the step by step instructions below.

Thrifted Purse Makeover

The first thing you want to do is a test fit to make sure you have enough boa to cover your purse by just measuring the length and comparing it to your purse size. You can wrap the boa around a couple of times to get an idea of how it will fit. Once you determine you are good to go you can start to add the hot glue to one side of the purse. I started on the flap of the purse working my way across and then back and forth.

Continue gluing the boa onto the back of the purse.

Thrifted Purse Makeover

Do not worry about the feathers that fall off or if there are spots that need to be filled in. We will do that after the rest is glued on.

Thrifted Purse Makeover

Finish up by making sure your end is securely glued down. Fill in any bare spots with some feathers and glue. Trim off any feathers that are sticking out or are obscuring the clasp or flap.

Thrifted Purse Makeover

Now you are ready to paint the town with your fancy feather purse!

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