Thrifting Vintage Easter Decor

Vintage Easter Decor7

Today I want to talk about thrifting vintage Easter decor. I have been a fan of shopping second hand since I was little and my grandmother would take my sister and me to the thrift shop. I remember loving the array of random goods in the shop. So this type of shopping is natural for me but I know that it is not for everyone however, I feel very strongly that buying secondhand is better for the environment not to mention one’s budget.

Here I am sharing some of the vintage Easter collectibles that I have acquired over the years. They are all secondhand and thrifted. Most are vintage but some are newer. I love the vintage ceramic planters shown in the above photo. The colors are perfectly subtle and fitting for spring.

Vintage Easter Decor6

Small ceramic animals are another one of my favorite things to collect. These are so cute to put out at Easter and I love that they are not something mass produced.

Vintage Easter Decor5

These flocked bunnies and duck are adorable. I estimate that most of these are from the 60’s and 70’s.

Vintage Easter Decor4

I also love collecting one-of-a-kind vintage handicrafts like these quilted easter eggs made with Leggs pantyhose containers. The attention to detail is amazing and the fabrics are so 70’s. Groovy!

Vintage Easter Decor2

Using an egg shaped container is a great way to add small assorted candies to an Easter basket without losing them at the bottom. (Although finding the stray jellybean at the bottom of an empty Easter basket can be a nice surprise.) The graphics on these are so sweet and you can often pick them up for a dollar or two.

Vintage Easter Decor3

Another hand made item that draws my attention are handmade ceramics. These are not professionally painted ceramics but done by the average crafty person who took a class or went to a ceramics studio. These remind me of the my grandmother and the sweet ceramics she would make at her senior center. Hand painted with folk art charm, they are a fun and unique collection.

Vintage Easter Decor1

These plastic and paper figures make lasting and colorful decorations for spring. I love having this lively explosion of creatures to bring out every year to brighten up the house during the chilly and often rainy days of spring.

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