Upcycled Kid’s Block Puzzle

I love a good inexpensive upcycle project, don’t you? This upcycled kid’s block puzzle project is the perfect example. Using thrifted kids blocks and an old vintage damage children’s book you can create this vintage style puzzle in an afternoon.

Watch the full video tutorial on You Tube by clicking the image above.


Thrifted kid’s blocks
Thrifted vintage kid’s book illustrations
Exacto knife
Scissors or paper cutter
Cutting mat
Decoupage glue
Paint brush

Block Puzzle DIY

First you will choose your puzzle images. Try to find images that are different enough from one another so that they are easy for a child to know which side or picture they belong to.

Block Puzzle DIY

Using a pencil mark the overall size of your puzzle and also mark the joints between the blocks. This is where you will cut your image into squares that fit onto the blocks.

Block Puzzle DIY

Using your cutter or your exacto knife cut your image into strips in one direction.

Block Puzzle DIY

Next cut your strips into square that match the width of your blocks. I like to keep them lined up to correspond with the image so that I know the image works once the blocks are put together.

Block Puzzle DIY

Sand any rough spots on your blocks before gluing the images to them.

Block Puzzle DIY

Put a small amount of glue into a container and use your brush to apply glue to one block at a time.

Block Puzzle DIY

Apply the glue in a very thin layer onto the block.

Block Puzzle DIY

Carefully place the image on the block being sure to center it on the block. It is okay is some hangs over the edge. These will be trimmed later.

Block Puzzle DIY

Once your block is dry add sealer in a thin layer to the illustration.

Block Puzzle DIY

Continue until all your blocks are done and sealed.

Block Puzzle DIY

Using your exacto blade and cutting mat carefully trim off any excess paper that is extending beyond the edge of the block.

Block Puzzle DIY

If needed you can gently sand the edges to give the block a more rustic look.

Block Puzzle DIY

Add images to the other sides of the blocks until all sides are covered. And now you have an adorable vintage style upcycled kid’s block puzzle.

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