Halloween Pillow DIY

Try this easy Halloween pillow DIY before you spend big bucks at the big box store!

I think that throw pillows are an easy way to change up the look of your space for just a small investment. And it can be even more economical and eco-friendly if you repurpose existing fabric for your pillow cover like I did with these Halloween placemats.

Halloween Pillow DIY


2 Halloween placements
Pompom trim
sewing needle and thread or sewing machine
straight pins
stuffing for pillow

Halloween Pillow DIY

To make the pillow you want to first decide which sides of the placemats you want on the outside. Mine are reversible so I did one of each side. Remember to put the side you want for the finished pillow facing on the inside and use your straight pins to pin around the outer edges on three sides.

Halloween Pillow DIY

If your placemat has fringe like mine just ignore it for now. We will trim it off later.

Halloween Pillow DIY

Sew the two placemats together on three sides leaving one side open. I went over my seams twice to make sure that the seam was strong.

Halloween Pillow DIY

After you are finished sewing you can trim off any extra fabric and fringe being careful not to cut into your stitches.

Halloween Pillow DIY

Turn your pillowcase inside out and push out the corners as best you can. Stuff your pillow pushing the stuffing into the center of the pillow so you can sew the opening. Fold the open side under and pin it shut. Sew this seam shut by hand or using a top stitch.

Halloween Pillow DIY

Once your pillow is sewn up, pin your trim to the edge of the pillow. Top stitch the trim onto the pillow and trim off any extra.

Halloween Pillow DIY

Here is the finished pillow. You can see that it is reversible and the trim shows on both sides. This was such a quick and easy project I will be on the lookout for more placemats to turn into pillows from the thrift shop!

If you liked this Halloween Pillow DIY and are looking for more Halloween projects try this Halloween earring DIY or this upcycled Halloween Fright this way sign.

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