How to Make Sachets

DIY drawer sachets

When I was little we often stayed with our grandparents overnight on the weekend. Being there for this longer period of time gave us the opportunity for some stolen moments where we were able to roam the house unsupervised. I was about eight or nine years old and during these moments I would quietly sneak into my grandparents bedroom. My grandmother had a large cherrywood dresser with a lace runner on the top, a jewelry box that played music and an assortment of perfumes and eau du toilette. Of course not content to just look at what was on the top of the dresser I would open the top drawer. You know, the one with the bras in it. When you opened the drawer the first thing you would notice is the beautiful scent wafting from the drawer. I don’t know if it was a drawer sachet or scented paper but it somehow made the everyday things, underthings, stockings and gloves in the drawer special.

I think that scent can feel so luxurious when it is added to everyday things. This is why I always like to have something to scent my drawers – and the memory of my grandmother. So today I am showing you how to make sachets so you can add a touch of luxury to your everyday things.

DIY drawer sachets


Dried material; pine needles, potpourri or lavender
Essential oil
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Decorative ribbon
Construction paper and tape

DIY drawer sachets

These are quick to make so you can sew a bunch of them at one time. I made six in about an hour. Measure and cut your fabric into rectangles that are 6-1/2″ x 12″.

DIY drawer sachets

Fold over the short edges of your material about 1/4″ and sew with a straight stitch. It helps to pin or iron the hem over first before stitching.

DIY drawer sachets

Next, fold the material so that the hemmed edges are together with the finished or right sides in. Sew up the side seams and backstitch each end so that the seams do not unravel later. You can trim the inside bottom corner as shown so that there is less fabric when you turn it inside out.

DIY drawer sachets

Turn your sachet pouch inside out and press out the corners with a chop stick or something similar.

DIY drawer sachets

Add your dried material to a small bowl and add several drops of your essential oil. Stir it to distribute the oil to the dried material. Make a simple cone with your construction paper and a piece of tape. Be sure that the hole at the bottom of your funnel cone is large enough for the dried material to pass through. Put the bottom of your funnel into the sachet pouch and add the scented dried material to about halfway full. Leave enough room to securely twist and tie up the top of the pouch.

DIY drawer sachets

Twist the bag and tie your string around the twist. Pull the string as tightly as possible and tie it in a knot. Trim the ends of the string.

DIY drawer sachets

Add your decorative ribbon so that it covers the string.

DIY drawer sachets

Now that you know how to make sachets you can toss them into your drawers or hang them in your closet to add some luxury. When the scent fades you can refresh them by removing the decorative ribbon, cutting the string, adding more essential oil for changing out the dried material for new and closing it up again.

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