DIY Lip Scrub

Make your own DIY lip scrub with brown sugar and coconut oil and package it in a repurposed vintage container

DIY Lip Scrub

I love vintage containers and I pick them up second hand whenever I find them for a couple of dollars. You can use them to store all kinds of things and I especially like using them for self care products. They are great to store this DIY lip scrub in. The lip scrub can be made with ingredients you already have on hand.

DIY Lip Scrub


Brown sugar (or white sugar)
Coconut Oil (or olive oil)
Flavoring (I am using Rose water and strawberry but you can also use vanilla)
Rose petals (optional)
Vintage container
Vintage spoon
Measure spoon
Bowl for mixing

DIY Lip Scrub

Add two tablespoons of brown sugar to your mixing bowl. Remove any clumps.

DIY Lip Scrub

Add one tablespoon of coconut oil.

DIY Lip Scrub

Sprinkle a teaspoon of crushed rose petals (optional)

DIY Lip Scrub

Add a half teaspoon of rose water (optional)

DIY Lip Scrub flavoring

Add about 5 drops of flavoring.

DIY Lip Scrub

Mix well incorporating all ingredients. Depending on how you like your lip scrub texture add more sugar if your mixture is too wet or more oil if it is too dry.

DIY Lip Scrub

Spoon your lip scrub into your clean vintage container.

DIY Lip Scrub with vintage spoon

I added a small vintage souvenir spoon to make it easy to portion out the lip scrub without using your fingers.

DIY Lip Scrub package

Tie the spoon onto the container with a thin ribbon to complete your packaging.

DIY Lip Scrub in vintage container

So here you have an eco friendly repurposed container with you homemade lip scrub.

DIY Lip Scrub

You lip scrub is complete and ready to use or give as a gift!

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